The Heal•Learn Institute

“Where Animals Heal and their Humans Learn”

In the tradition of acknowledging learning with both heart and brain, and using science with intuition, Dr. Schwartz introduces the Heal•Learn Institute: the Bay Area’s Learning Center for Holistic Care for Animals, with classes for veterinarians and animal-loving care-givers.

Using her twenty plus years of teaching experience, Dr. Schwartz offers her brand of teaching that honors knowledge, skill and intuition for those who want to access and expand their healing techniques.
Dr. Cheryl Schwartz - Teaching

For Veterinarians Who Practice Acupuncture

Practical case studies and management for patients
  • A 3 – 6 session course
  • How to assess and balance using art & science.
  • Current patients with challenging problems—where to begin and how to continue.

For Animal Care Givers

Bring harmony to your household: assess personality types using the Five Elements
  • how this impacts training
  • what to look for in bringing animals to join your household
  • Food: raw, cooked, and commercial—choosing what's appropriate for your animal friend
Herbal First Aid
Homeopathic First Aid
Acupressure for Common Conditions
Cooking Raw and Commercial for your animal friend
​Energy Healing


Half day and full day workshops with hands-on experience. Small classroom size will allow for personal attention and interaction.

When and Where:

  • Classes will be held in the San Francisco East Bay Area.
  • Watch for calendar updates on this web site.
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